CCRC State Approved! Scholarships Available – Call 661.600.6121 for more information

Private School K-12 & Pre-K with CalKids Learning Academy

Tuition Min 3 Days a Week Registration $100+Materials Fee $50

Private School

Optional Extended Supervision with Early Drop Off—7:00 AM and/or Late Pick Up—6:00 PM
___________9-2 PM______________Extended
5 Days           $155            –                     $175
4 Days           $145            –                     $160
1-3 Days        $135            –                     $155

Pre-K              9-Noon
5 Days           $130
4 Days           $125
3 Days           $100

After School Pick-up Program

Focuses primarily on the academic advancement of your child, and with the convenience of after-school pickup. All prices include homework help and after-school pick-up.

Hours – from School Dismissal until 6:00 PM
Annual Registration Fee $100

Choose one of the following:
5 Days           $150 paid weekly
4 Days           $140 paid weekly
1-3 Days        $135 paid weekly

Individualized Tutoring
By Appointment

Semi-Private (1:3) 8 Hour Package $300
Private (1:1) Hourly $50

Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall Camps
with California’s Best Summer Camp

(Monday – Friday 7 AM-6 PM)

Camp Registration $100 and Materials Fee* $50(Summer Camp ONLY)

5 Days           $190
1-4 Days           $150
*Does not include Robot or Individual Field Trip Admissions like the Museum or Bowling

To pay registration and/or materials fee Call 661-600-6121

Some Field Trips Included in Camp and Academy Pricing
Monthly Tuition is due on the 1st of the month
A $25.00 fee will be assessed for late payments
Services will not be provided if the account is not current
No discount/make-up for absent days

All prices subject to change