Algebra Enrichment

Algebra at Star Students Learning
Algebra and other high school math requires one-on-one assistance. We develop the student’s critical thinking and techniques that help them decipher those complicated equations into simpler, easy-to-manage steps.

Algebra assistance is available for students in 6th-12th grades.


Language Arts / Creative Writing Enrichment

Star Students Learning Language Arts Workshop provides focused training in English grammar, composition and style to master effective communication through listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Through our Language Arts Workshop, your child will be presented with engaging and exciting challenges to stretch the imagination, improve listening skills, develop confident speaking abilities, and identify and sharpen reading & writing skills and discover his or her unique writing style.



Math & Science Enrichment

Math and Science Enrichment
From college admissions to promising career opportunities, a solid foundation in Math and Science can open the door to a successful future for your child.

Star Students Learning Math and Science Enrichment Workshop helps your child master the skills required to solve problems at any grade level using quantitative and abstract reasoning to solve problems.


Computer Skills Workshop

A golden opportunity for your child (and the adults). From simple computer basics and navigation skills through the latest software apps, your child will get unique training that they will apply well into their future profession.

Your child will discover the powerful range of computer software that will help them adapt to a world of technology.

And for the adults we have evening classes in the latest tools and programs to help you with your business, including cloud-based programs, Microsoft Office, (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)–and even training for open-source programs like WordPress.


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