Signs your Child May be Falling through the “Educational Crack” 

Fix the Educational Cracks with CalKids Learning AcademyMaking sure today’s children receive a quality education can be challenging no matter the child, but it’s especially difficult when you’re the parent of a kid with special needs.

Not having a clear diagnosis can make things even harder; you may feel like something’s not connecting for your child but don’t know what’s wrong.

After years of teaching, I have discovered certain signs to help identify a child who may require special help and would like to offer you some tips to help you feel more in control.

Take a look at these few tips and see if they might help you with your child. Additionally, at the end of this article you’ll see a short workshop we’re having to answer more of your questions while providing an evening of entertainment for your children.

  • If your child has trouble remembering recent events, they may have challenges with short term memory. Try reading them a short story or, if your child can read, have them read to you and see if they can remember the beginning, middle and ending of the story.
  • When your child is reading, notice if their eyes wander off the page – focus can be difficult for some children and even a clicking pen can distract them.

Does your school-age child write or see numbers backwards?

  • If this happens frequently, your child may need to be evaluated for dyslexia.

There may be different areas where children may require special help and, even with an IEP, you must meet certain standards to qualify for help.

To join us on September 26th 6-8 PM for a seminar on ways to help your child achieve greater success in school while the kids participate in a read-a-thon including pizza, stories, and fun RSVP by calling 661.600.6121 – thank you!

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