After School Program


Our after-school program offers tutoring, homework assistance, and extracurricular activities for students from kindergarten through the 12th grade. In addition, we provide instruction for all Honors and AP classes including SAT Preparation.

The program is open from Monday through Friday generally from 11:30 AM to 6:30 PM.

The Teaching Process

  • Our highly qualified tutors, in collaboration with the student, determine the tasks—homework, test preparation, special projects—that must be accomplished for the given day. The tutors then assign the mandatory tasks to the student, guiding them as necessary, and afterward correcting any errors in their homework or study guides. Tutors clarify and check the material until the student achieves the goal.
  • We utilize the most current and effective teaching techniques and educational materials approved by Board of Education for Honors and AP students
  • Parent conferences at the student’s school will identify areas requiring additional academic support.
  • We use this information to enter the student into one of the many suitable programs at Star Students Learning and then monitor the child’s progress through their school teachers’ regular updates and testing.
  • Star Students Learning instructors provide you with monthly reports about your child’s overall progress, so you know exactly where your student stands, and what we are doing to help your child improve in his academics


Realizing that both parents work in this day and age, the time for homework assistance with their children is often a burden and overwhelming.

CA Tutoring Academy recognizes this issue and thereby provides professional homework assistance with enthusiasm and support for your child, which allows YOU to have more quality time with your child.

This system is designed to give parents the peace of mind that their child is fulfilling his or her assigned responsibilities at school.


Extracurricular Activities


While our program is decidedly academic, it also features other activities like mind games (chess, etc.), enhancing creativity (painting, crafts), singing, and drama, so that students can have a balanced environment in which to both work and relax.