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California's Best Summer Camp - a name that demands we live up to its reputation and, according to our parents, we do. We offer a wide variety of activities to keep the youth involved, field trips to inspire and entertain in addition to educational opportunities to stay up to date with Summer School Common Core.

NOTE: Due to continued COVID-19 concerns ALL Field Trips are subject to change and we will work with you to accommodate your specific concerns and your child's safety. Additionally, dates are subject to change as new and updated information is received from the individual School Districts we serve.

Get Ready for Summer Camp in 2021!

Here is a list of our 2021 possible activities.

Week 1 Culinary Camp

Join us as we explore the World of Food Service, preparing meals at the school and going behind-the-scenes as we visit local restaurants.

Other activities may include:

  • McDonalds Catering Services
  • Visit from Food Truck
  • and more.

Week 2 - Sports Week

We begin summer with what most kids want the most--the physical thrill of just being kids. We provide fun in the sun, in and out of the water--while learning to work and play, reaching for a goal through team sports activities.

Other activities may include:

  • Santa Clarita Aquatic Center
  • Team sports - Football, Baseball & more

Week 3: Patriotic Week Camp (Closed July 4th)

Fourth of July week is a good time for your child to experience and learn more about our country and the history of its independence.

Activities may include:

  • Visit with Veterans
  • Movies
  • Bowling
  • Kids picnic and swimming.
  • (Closed July 4th)

Week 4: Career Week

With many of the subjects still fresh in their mind we will explore a variety of the different career fields that your child may pursue as we visit local businesses and offices. Get the inside scoop from the managers and owners as they learn "the rest of the story".

Activities may include:

  • Continuation of Jr. Shark Tank / Entrepreneurship Program
  • Field Trip to Dr. Joanne M. Buettner, DC
  • Field Trip to City Hall
  • Field trip to Adventure Dental
History Week with CalKids Learning Academy's Best Summer Camp

Week 5: History Camp

History Camp will take us back in time to places, people, and events that will excite and open your child's mind to amazing explorations of what has marked our history books forever.

Activities may include:

  • Natural History Museum
  • Olvera Street
  • Art History
  • Past Famous Inventors

Week 6: Science Camp

Aerospace, Physics, and Oceanography! There's always more to explore. Your child will have many experiences & discoveries in places where science and nature come together.

Activities may include:

  • Oceanography
  • Science Experiments including Life Sciences
  • Field trip to Cabrillo Beach/Aquarium
  • Overnight Family Camp
Music And Drama Camp with CalKids Learning Academy

Week 7: Music and Drama Camp

We'll help your child learn self-esteem, enhance speaking skills performing plays and special skits. Our music teacher will provide special vocal skills, new fun camp songs and how to use different instruments, and the history of music.

Activities may include:

  • Field Trip to Hollywood Bowl
  • Tour of Universal Studios
  • Theater Trip
  • Acting & Drama Class
  • Music & Singing
  • Music Appreciation

Week 8: Writing and Art Camp

Everyone loves art! Learn about art and sculpture, Enjoy painting with hands-on projects to explore different art mediums. Creativity is sure to ensue this week!

Other activities will include:

Writing and publishing for California's Best Magazine and a nature hike at Placerita Canyon.

Week 9: Preparing for Going Back to School

We have a good week in touring a local high school & college. We all shop together for school supplies, and go to Magic Mountain for our back-to-school party.

Activities may include:

  • Touring a Local High School and College
  • Shopping for School Supplies
  • More swimming, movies and a picnic!
  • Magic Mountain - Back to School Party
  • We have a good week in touring a local high school & college. We all shop together for school supplies, and go to Magic Mountain for our back-to-school party.
  • You can sign up for the whole summer, OR, even select your weeks!

    CCRC State Approved!

    Come join us for the fun, food, creativity, growth, friendship and still remember what it was like, right?

    Camping group shot at Paradise Springs Big Rock

    Call Now: (661) 600-6121

    *Confirmed Field Trips and Fees will be posted each Friday for the upcoming week. Themes and trips are subject to change. Children need to bring a lunch and a water bottle daily. Other field trips may include Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, extra beach trips, and even more. Field trip fees are not included, but on-site supervision will always be provided if the student cannot participate.